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Learning through Play

Learning through play is an educational model that focuses on play-based activities to help children develop physically, socially, cognitively, emotionally and creatively as they gain the self-confidence to engage in new experiences and environments.

Through play, children can be introduced to other people and taught how to do new things. They can explore movement and being active, practice how to face and overcome challenges, learn new ways to communicate, help or ask for help, and more.

Learn & Play Preschool Academy empowers young children to explore their natural curiosity to learn at their own pace and on their own terms. Play-centric activities are designed to encourage spontaneous, active and FUN interactions.

Throughout the day, we will integrate positive affirmations—I can, I will, I am—to teach the inner child’s voice to embrace self-empowerment not only today, but long after the outer child grows into adulthood.

Our preschool and Junior Kindergarten environment is safe, inclusive and joyful, helping children make sense of their world and discover what interests and activities resonate most with them.

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I'm for Kids Team

I’m for Kids Team

I’m for Kids Team provides an Early Intervention Program to meet the identified special needs of your child.  They have a complete team of professionals to provide programming strategies in a play-based and community-based preschool program.  All programming decisions are made in the best interest of your child and parental input is valued while focusing on BEST Early Childhood Educaiton (ECE) practices.

I’m for Kids Team provides programming to children between 2 years & months – 5 years & 8 months of age which may include Program Unit Funding (PUF), Mild/Moderate Funding (M/M), English as a Second Language (ESL), and Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD)

I’m for Kids Team programming provides each child with identified needs an opportunity to grow and develop to their optimum potential within their family, community, and early childhood settings.

If you would like to learn more about Learn and Play Preschool’s partnership with I’m for Kids Team click here click here to  view their website.

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Handwriting Without Tears TM

Learn & Play Preschool Academy believes that children who get an early start on writing, literacy and math are better prepared to learn and succeed in school.

Handwriting Without Tears is a program that provides developmentally appropriate instructional methods for all learning styles. Using lively music and playful activities, it is a proven program that already benefits more than 3 million students every year.

Children will be introduced to number concepts, geometry, sequencing, phonological awareness, vocabulary, and concepts about print. They will learn how to recognize and write their name.

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Yoga for Kids

Yoga for Kids is designed to teach your children how to move, slow down, balance play and rest, and feel joyful. By encouraging them to stretch, become more flexible and breathe, pre-school aged children are taught early in life the importance of managing stress and balancing mind and body.

Yoga for Kids is developmentally appropriate and geared to a young child’s attention span.

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Dance Fitness for Kids

Far too many adults feel self-conscious when they’re dancing. Learn & Play Preschool Academy wants to inspire children to associate movement with FUN so that they develop a healthy attitude toward fitness early in life.

Group dance routines that encourage children to move to lively music—by focusing on feeling rather than thinking—will help them shake off any fears or resistance to expressing themselves.

We are excited to offer kid-friendly Bollywood group dancing, among other dance styles, to get kids on their feet, smiling, laughing and feeling energized.

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