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When you choose Learn & Play Preschool Academy, you’re empowering your children to learn basic skills and healthy habits early in life, for a better life. We have created a safe, inclusive and FUN environment for your children to learn, think, move and play.

What makes us different from other preschools and Junior Kindergartens? Here are just some of the reasons why:-

Fun, Unique Activities

  • We balance our focus on early math and literacy with FUN activities—like child yoga so they move, slow down, balance play and rest, and feel joyful, and like kid-friendly dance fitness routines such as child Zumba and Bollywood group dancing.
  • Many activities are student-led and strengthened by positive affirmations, inviting students to build their confidence, encourage free expression and foster independent thinking.

Smaller Class Sizes

  • While many preschool classes average one teacher for every 12 children, our classroom sizes are scaled down to one teacher for every eight children—a smaller ratio that enriches interactions, awareness and experiences.
  • Smaller Class sizes, in our Preschool 1 Room it will be a 1:10 ratio and in our Preschool 2 Room it is a 1:8 ratio
  • Parent volunteers who are security cleared are a welcome complement to the classroom dynamic.

Consultations with Kindergarten Teachers

  • We are in regular contact with kindergarten teachers to ensure that our environment, teachings and activities will provide the best possible transitional and transformative opportunities as your child progresses from preschool to Junior Kindergarten and eventually, Kindergarten.

Convenience and Location

  • Located in Beddington Heights, North Calgary in a space provided by BP Church, we are steps away from the Beddington Towne Centre and the convenience of major outlets, retail and speciality stores, financial and legal services, a wellness centre, health and beauty shops, jewellers, as well as food and drink areas—get your errands done while your child learns and plays with us.
  • Also located in the same building is the Agapé Language Centre for New Canadians, allowing participants with young children to drop them off at our preschool academy downstairs while they attend the language centre upstairs

Peek In With HiMama

  • Wishing you could peek into our preschool classroom and see how your child is doing? We have a virtual solution that offers you peace of mind whether you’re at work, at home or on the go.
    Proudly made in Canada, HiMama is a child care software app that connects Learn & Play Preschool Academy directly with parents.
    Get SMS text updates, photos and real time videos of your child as well as information and notices about our preschool and upcoming projects. HiMama also offers a parent portal and family sharing options.
    For us as teachers, we’ll spend less time documenting on paper and more time communicating directly with you as parents—using HiMama to track attendance, plan lessons and produce daily reports about activities, achievements, notices and more.
  • Learn More the HiMama Website

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